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Planning Commission meets on the third Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 pm at 9773 Mt. Hope Rd. Munith, MI 49259.

For information please call the Waterloo Township Offices during regular business hours at 517-596-8200.

All correspondence should be mailed to 9773 Mt Hope Rd. Munith, MI 49259.


Ted Beals - Chairperson

Wesley Schultz - Vice Chairperson

Lisa Morency 

Mark Zweifler


Planning Commission can be reached at:

Information can be added, up to the Friday before the meeting, as it is submitted to the Township.




 The WaterlooTownship Planning Commission will hold its monthly meeting on the third (3rd)Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm  at Waterloo Township Offices located at 9773 Mt Hope Road. Munith, MI 49259.


* Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Waterloo Township Boardby writing or calling the Clerks Office, 9773 Mt Hope Road, Munith, MI 49259, Phone:517-596-8400.





Tuesday, February 21, 2017;  7pm

Waterloo Township Public Hall

Welcome return of Ralph Schumacher, reappointed to the Planning Commission

Call to Order    -   Roll Call

Acceptance of distributed Agenda including any additions

Public Comments:

Review draft minutes:

             January 17, 2017, Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission.

Communications received:

Old Business:

·         Election of replacement for Secretary of the Commission

·         Designation of Planning Commission’s representative on:

            o   The Zoning Board of Appeals

            o   The Extraction Committee

·         Waterloo Township Master Plan

            o   The Township Board elected to become the adopting body for the Master Plan.

            o   The Board also failed to approve distribution of the Draft Master Plan.

            o   Discussion with any members of the Township Board, their concerns about allowing distribution of the Draft Master Plan.

New Business:

·         Zoning Ordinance Review process

Additional items for information from:

            Zoning Administrator

            Planning Commissioners

            Township Board: The Board has advertised for additional members that might be added to the Planning Commission.

Public Comments:

Adjournment, announcement of next regular meeting

Next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission is March 21, 2017 at 7 pm. New Township Facilities, 9773 Mt. Hope Rd.