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Zoning Board of Appeals

Chairperson - Garth Hannewald

Co-Chairperson - Mike Martin

Doug Lance

Ralph Schumacher

Carmen Burgess

Scheduled Meetings: January and July, third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM


Waterloo Township

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

January 31, 2018 at 7:00 PM


                                    1.  Call Meeting to Order

                        2.  Pledge of Allegiance

                                    3.  Roll Call

                                    4.  Acceptance of Agenda including any changes

                                    5.  Public Comments

                                    6.  Acceptance of July 20, 2017 ZBA meeting minutes

                                    7.  Unfinished Business

- Public Hearing on Milkey Variance issue

- Other issues                              

                                    8.  New Business                              

9.  Public Comments                          

                                    10.  Adjournment



The  Waterloo  Township Zoning Board of Appeals

Public Hearing

Wednesday,  January 31, 2018  at 7:00  p.m,

The Waterloo  Township  Zoning Board of Appeals  will  hold  a public hearing on Wednesday,  January 31,   2018 at 7:00  p.m.   at the   Township  Hall  located  at 9773 Mt.  Hope  Road, Munith,  Ml.   The  purpose of this hearing is to  clarify the Zoning  Board  of  Appeal's  August  30,   2016  decision  to  issue  a  conditional variance  to  Jason  Milkey of 7900  Clear  Lake  Road,  Grass  Lake,  MI,  and   to issue  a final written decision regarding the  same.


The  subject   property  is   located  at  7900  Clear  Lake   Road,  Grass  Lake,  MI 49240.   The  parcel number  is  000-05-36-176-002-00.   The  August  30,  2016 variance authorized  a change in  the required side  yard setback from  30 feet  to 6  feet.   It  is  the   Zoning Board  of Appeal's  intent  to  clarify  a  number of  the conditions associated with that variance, and to issue  a  final written decision containing those clarifications.


The original variance  application  and materials  are available for review   at the Waterloo Township Offices at 9773 Mt.  Hope Road,  Munith,  MI during regular Township office  hours.

For  those  unable  to   attend  the  hearing  to   present  their  verbal comments, written  comments can  be   submitted  to Waterloo Township,  9773  Mt.  Hope Road,  Munith,  MI 49259.  For  consideration at the hearing,  all  comments  must be  received prior to  the hearing  date.    For  additional  information,  please call the Township Hall at (51 7) 596-8400.


Individuals  with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids  or services  should  contact the Waterloo  Township Clerk at  least  two (2)  days in  advance of the  meeting  to make arrangements for meaningful attendance.