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Credit Card Payments

We accept credit card payments

* At our office

* By phone: Call Official Payments 1-800-272-9829  (Waterloo Township's Jurisdiction code is 7127)

*Using the Official Payments Website from home:

*Official Payment charges a convenience fee of 3% with the use of credit cards.*


Treasurer - Wendy Walz


Deputy Treasurer - Betsy Diffenbaugh


For an appointment call: (517) 596-8300

2019 Summer Tax bills have been mailed.

Please contact our office if you haven't received one and are expecting to.

Summer tax due date is Monday, September 16th.

The Treasurer's office will  be open on that day from 9 AM - 5 PM for collection of taxes.

Having problems paying your taxes? Assistance may be available, give us a call!